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Dragons and Drums: Spring Village Festival, Hoi Lang Nghi Tam, Hanoi


Beating the usual stroll to work on a monotonous monday morning, today the streets of Hanoi where I live were packed to the rafters with the sound of drums, rainbow coloured costumes, flying flags and dancing dragons! Reading time 2 mins, short and sweet.

Tay Ho village festival #dragons #traditional #parade #vietnamese #culture #hanoi

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At homes, throughout villages and across the depth and breadth of the country, Vietnamese people are consistently enthrawled with traditional customs and cultural festivities that take place all through out the year.  Today was a special day in the village of Nghi Tam where I live. At the start of spring each year the local residents parade joyfully through the streets, honouring and celebrating the village gods and their families ancestors. Historically a farming community, Nghi Tam’s 2 day festival hopes to deliver prosperity and good luck to all that live in the area during the harvest season. Happy spring everyone! Summer soon!

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