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What to pack for a Hill Tribe Tour


It doesn’t matter how often I travel or how much notice I get before hand, I always leave packing until the utter last minute. If you watched my live Facebook video today you will know that tomorrow I head off on a 9 day fashionable adventure around North Vietnam with Asia Plus to research my route for Haute Culture’s future hill tribe textile tours. Once again it’s the night before and I’m throwing stuff into a bag with as much consideration as a kid in a sweet store, but jokes/bareface reality aside, I thought you might like to know what I pack on my fashionable adventures around the world! Lets have a gander…


No trip is complete these days without a selfie! Me with the Darang ladies in North Thailand.


Macbook Pro Laptop – charger – adapter

Iphone – charger – tripod – wifi selfie thingy

Olympus OMD-5 Camera – prime lens – zoom lens – cleaner – charger – tripod

Interview Kalinga tribal women about her tattoos with my Iphone tripod

Interview Kalinga tribal women about her tattoos with my Iphone tripod


Face cloth


Tooth brush / tooth paste

Perfume x 2

Beauty moisturizing balm

Tinted lip balm

Red lipstick

Eyebrow shadow


(I will buy shampoo and soap on route)

Toilet roll

Mosquito repellent

E45 cream


Everyone looks their best with a smile, I try to keep my make up minimal and fresh whilst on the road.



Hmong red shoulder bag

Yaken zip purse tote bag

Dry bag (for electronics)

Doc Martin boots

Leather open toe sandles

Water/wind proof jacket


2 cotton trouser

1 jeans

1 wool trouser

1 mini skirt

2 dresses

2 long sleeve top

4 short sleeve tops

10 knickers

3 pairs of socks

2 bras (black and natural)

fashionable guide to haraduku, tokyo

95% of all my clothes are colorful and patterned, I generally pack lots of oversized garments that mix and match together.


Head torch

Silk sleeping bag liner

Water bottle

Ginger tea

Sickness tablets


Pain killers

Tea tree oil

Things to do in harajuku, tokyo, japan toy

I decided to leave my stuffed unicorn at home on this occasion.

What do you always pack for a adventure? Does my list seem like to little or too much to you? If you are interested in joining me on a Hill Tribe Textile Tour of Thailand or Vietnam in the near future please complete the survey and be sure to register your email address HERE.


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