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Does travel, traditional dress, textiles and tribes sound like the fashionable adventure you’ve been dreaming of?? Well dream no more because Haute Culture’s Textile Tours are here!

Haute Culture Textile Tours aim to provide creative, hands-on, cultural experiences for women who love to learn all things fashion and textiles, in a time when traditional identities are being rapidly assimilated by modern civilisation.


● Are you passionate/obsessed about fashion, textiles, traditional dress, colours and patterns from foreign lands?

Have you longed to travel off the beaten path to experience the real culture of a country?

● Does learning directly from hill tribe artisans excite the living bejesus out of you?

● Do you want to expand your textile skills to design and make more unique projects for yourself or your business?

If you answered a big fat YES to 1 or more of these questions then Haute Culture Textile Tours are probably the unicorn of experiences you’re going to want to come on!

FullSizeRender (4)Visualize yourself traveling to remote mountainous villages to learn colourful textile techniques from women whose traditional dress is still used as a tool to communicate their cultural identity, social status and stories from their hill tribes history.

Our textile tours are designed to immerse you into the culture of their cloth.

Not only will you have one of the best adventures of your life, you will finish your Haute Culture Textile Tour with a bag full of handmade projects, fingers full of new found skills, and a camera bursting with memories created with some of the most endangered artisans on the planet.

The concept is simple, social, inspiring and important.

 To provide Haute Culture’s creative readers with the opportunity to travel with Donna too learn unique textile techniques from some of the world’s most fashionable artisans.

● To operate as a social enterprise by providing mentorship, employment opportunities and financial investment to the artisans we work with to encourage and support the continuation of their beautiful crafts.

Haute Culture Textile Tours commit to investing 50% of our profits into our social enterprise programs.

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  • Loves fashion, textiles, traditional dress, colours, patterns, travel and culture!

  • Wants to learn new things and step outside of their comfort zone.

  • Understands that in order to exchange and experience life and skills with remote cultures means that basic accommodation with simple facilities such as single bed, blanket, mosquito net, and even the odd squat toilet will have to be endured from time to time.

  • Is open and accepting about the way people live their lives in comparison to how you live yours.

  • Does not require constant access to the internet.

An adventurous spirit, sense of humor, flexible attitude and basic (ie if Donna can do it, anyone can do it) level of fitness is required.

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Traveling solo? In need of a girl squad? Look no further, because as the saying goes, “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet”!

We can promise you that it is far more empowering and inspiring to take a trip by yourself than it is to stay at home waiting for that “someone” to come with you!

Haute Culture invites and encourages solo women of all ages and ethnicities to take that step and join us and the 8 other fashion loving, textile buzzin, craft making women who will all be in the same proverbial boat together!

On our tour you will get to spend most of your days sharing laughs and stitches with all the other ladies in the group whilst still getting ample opportunity to spend time alone if you wish.

Either way you can feel safe and secure that we are always there to support you.

We will even create a private Facebook group in advance for participants to get to know each other before your tour.

Donna Wanderess Haute Culture Textile Tour


Originally from the UK, Donna has lived all over the world and worked in the fashion and textiles industry for 20 years.

Obsessed with all things colorful, patterned and unique, Donna moved to South East Asia in 2013 after selling her vintage textiles business to work as a full time fashion lecturer in Vietnam.

Her curiosity, adventurous spirit and passion for cultural fashion led her to travel Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in search of sewing stories to share with her readers ​at Hauteculturefashion.com​.

Donna has no fixed address but considers Vietnam her home when she is not on one of her fashionable adventures around the world.

Donna will lead all Haute Culture group tours alongside representatives and tour guides from our partnering tour companies.